rPET processing plant technical due diligence

Client Name
  • Process engineering


SLR was tasked with providing a variety of reports on a proposed 30,000 tonnes per annum rPET processing plant in UK, on behalf of a potential funding partner who was considering investing over £30M in the project.

This client sought surety, through expert external support, on the proposed technical solutions for the facility, as well as the project financials and risks prior to committing to investment.

SLR was ideally placed to support in this project due to our extensive experience in managing plastics recycling and waste infrastructure projects.

The facility included a front-end bottle sorting facility, flake washing, sorting, and food-grade extrusion system. The site also included a wastewater treatment facility for treating the process effluent before discharge.


SLR completed a thorough technical review of the technology and supply chain, reporting on the capability of the design to meet the targeted outputs. The financial model was reviewed, and a benchmark exercise completed against other known facilities in the industry. A project contract structure review was carried out, and advice provided on the interfaces and potential contract strategies and approaches (e.g. EPCM v EPC). An initial red flag report was completed outlining mitigations and recommendations in advance of the final report.


SLR successfully delivered a detailed overview of the project’s technical solutions, outlining recommendations on optimisation opportunities in the final design for the client’s consideration.

The red flag report, covering project and supplier programmes, contracts, planning and permitting, process design, and financials, was provided to the client; highlighting development opportunities, mitigations, and recommendations, allowing them to reach their decisions having been provided with all the information and advice they would otherwise have been lacking.