Royal Australian Air Force Pearce Air 7000 - Asbestos in soil investigation

Client Name
CPB Contractors
Western Australia, Australia
  • Land quality & remediation


CPB Contractors engaged SLR to undertake an asbestos-in-soil investigation and risk assessment following the identification of potentially asbestos containing materials (ACM) at surface within Royal Australian Air Force Pearce Zone 5 of the Air 7000 construction footprint.


Based on the results of the investigation, several occurrences of chrysotile asbestos were confirmed. An asbestos risk assessment was completed which recommended barricading to be erected around the area with asbestos warning signage. It was also established that visible ACM should be removed by hand picking and disposed offsite and a clearance certificate issued to verify that the ACM had been removed appropriately.

SLR effectively managed the assessment within timeframes and minimal disruption.