Remediation of two decommissioned heavy plant workshops at a former mine site

Client Name
Anglo America, Kumba Iron Ore
Northern Cape, South Africa
  • Land quality & remediation
  • Mine closure


SLR successfully completed the in-situ bioremediation treatment of 8500m3 soil with historical hydrocarbon contamination at two large mine plant workshops.


The treatment of the diesel and oil contaminated soil was achieved by ripping and turning of soil to aerate it, followed by the application of liquid fertilisers; organic compost; and agricultural lime to enhance the natural microbial biodegradation. On completion of the process, laboratory validation analysis of the residual soil hydrocarbons confirmed concentrations were below the calculated site-specific target levels for the land use.


SLR was responsible for the remedial design, managing all contractors and ensuring stringent compliance to the mine’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) expectations throughout the project.