Remedial activities at an active pump station

Client Name
Alberta, Canada
  • Ecology
  • Land quality & remediation
  • Air quality


SLR oversaw three remedial excavations of approximately 12,000 m3 of soil contaminated with petroleum and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at an active midstream site, near Edson, Alberta.


Remediation was completed using Enhanced Thermal Conduction (ETC) technology; an ex-situ thermal process that heats stationary contaminated soil, volatizes the contaminants, and destroys the off-gases.


Using ETC technology allowed us to reach guaranteed remediation endpoints in a fixed time frame; minimized our treatment operations footprint, eliminated waste by-products and reject materials, effectively treated high moisture content soils, and provided a cost effective thermal treatment for a broad range of organic contaminants.

Our services included:

  • a pre-disturbance assessment
  • air modelling and subsequent monitoring and sampling plan
  • an ecological nest survey
  • test pitting programs to assess overburden and to delineate the extent of hydrocarbon impacts
  • excavation of hydrocarbon impacted soil and treatment using ETC technology;
  • field screening of soil samples collected from regular intervals or representative depths and submission of soil samples for appropriate laboratory analysis
  • interpretation of field observations and comparison of laboratory analytical results to applicable regulatory standards
  • oversight on backfilling with ETC treated soil, clean overburden and Oxygen Release Compound (ORC®) pellets
  • comprehensive reporting to document completion of the remediation program.