Quantitative microclimate wind tunnel study

Client Name
Culinary Quarter (London) Limited
London, UK
  • CFD, wind & energy


SLR provided both desktop and quantitative wind tunnel testing services for a proposed split 25 and 35 storey development.


Initial desktop wind microclimate statements were undertaken during the preliminary design stages.

During the pre-planning stage, SLR quantified baseline and future wind speeds via boundary layer wind tunnel testing. This involved preparing a 1:400 scaled model of the development using an in-house 3d printer, as well as a proximity model covering a 400m radius.

Wind speeds were quantified in a wind tunnel at 10-degree increments and analysed against the Lawson Comfort and Safety criterion and a report was prepared for the planning application.


SLR worked with the design team including architects and landscape architects to develop suitable wind mitigations at public areas where there were predicted windier conditions. This ensured the future building would meet wind comfort and safety levels for people walking or sitting within and around the site.