Plastic film recycling plant development project

Client Name
  • Civil & structural engineering
  • Process engineering

A multi-million-pound investment project for a new-process technology, designed to recycle post-consumer, printed flexible plastics from previously unrecoverable waste streams.


Multi-disciplinary collaboration from SLR was carried out to generate a detailed front-end engineering (FEED) study for this novel process, including the development of technical designs and layouts, detailed mass balances, maintenance schedules, operating and capital cost models, and technical reviews of the equipment through close collaboration with the client and supply chain.


SLR were able to use their range of experience and expertise to assess the viability of the recycling process and outline the optimal technical design solution, with the aim of maximising yields and quality. This included the pre and post-processing of the recycled feedstock, as well as the treatment of the resulting process wastewater to a standard that met necessary discharge consent.

Additionally, SLR undertook a review of the CAPEX and OPEX costs associated with the project and carried out a detailed civil and structural assessments of the existing premises, incorporating necessary renovations and upgrades to the site; all while maintaining the highest standards of safety and logistical practicality throughout the project.


Through SLR’s methodical and data-driven approach to the management of the project and generation of the deliverables, it was possible to provide the client with a comprehensive data set, demonstrating the most representative financial and operational case for their project, and giving confidence their decisions could be made based on data and facts.