Pebble Creek Parklands

Client Name
Orchard Property Group
South Maclean, Queensland, Australia
  • Landscape architecture


Designed by SLR and delivered by Orchard Property Group as a part of the Pebble Creek Development. Pebble Creek Parklands is a multi million dollar, 9.4ha green space designed for all ages, within a strong focus on sustainability, community, and connection with the natural environment.
Apart of the Greater Flagstone Priority Development Area, Pebble Creek Parklands features pockets of refined activated spaces that are sensitively integrated within the natural environment.

The carefully composed and arranged landscape, blends organic materials, tactile experiences, soft colours, and natural curated landscape components into a space of diverse recreational uses and enhanced environmental outcomes.


Combining opportunities for play, picnicing, learn to ride, mountain bike tracks, multipurpose courts, fitness, dog off leash areas, walking tracks and a large community event focused kickabout space offer a range of outdoor user experiences. The parkland creates interest and variety with the combination of grand unveilings, intermediate spaces, level change, meandering pathways, and informal tracks.

Through the selection of key play elements, wayfinding, defined pathway hierarchies and integrated nature-based theming, users are encouraged to engage with the space as “they” imagine and interpret it. Making the Pebble Creek Parklands experience a unique, family friendly, community focused one, that celebrates the natural environment and encourages recreation.

The parklands design outcome can be broadly attributed to extensive research into the sites existing natural environment and a collaboration process, between on site stakeholders, the design team and local authority.

Through collaboration, additional park embellishments such as the mountain biking track and walking trail, were integrated into sites masterplan. Seen as opportunities to enhance the sites usability and recreational uses, these embellishments offer users a greater diversity of physical recreation and opportunity to be immersed within nature.

The project received 'Commendation Landscape Architecture & Urban Infrastructure Award' at the 2020 Logan Urban Design Awards.