Peak Power weather forecasting

Client Name
Peak Power Energy
Ontario, Canada
  • Air quality
  • CFD, wind & energy
  • Climate resilience planning & design


Peak Power is a global energy technology services provider based in Toronto. Their focus is on delivering intelligent software and project solutions to offset the most expensive hours of electricity demand for both utilities (local distribution companies) and building owners.


SLR provides ongoing microclimate expertise to Peak Power’s Synergy software platform, which uses advanced statistical and machine learning methods and intelligent algorithms respond to real-time market signals, forecast peak events, and optimise the operation of distributed energy resources.

SLR is primarily responsible for developing and maintaining the microclimate module within the Synergy software to predict short-term electricity demand to within a half-hourly resolution, known as nowcasting. This work requires us to implement the most advanced Weather Research Forecast (WRF) models available with Solar module embedment.

SLR also provides on-site climate and weather training for Peak Power staff and transfer of hands-on knowledge to Peak Power Staff. The fine-tuned weather forecasting toolsets were also installed on one of Peak Power’s servers.


With the implantation of SLR’s weather forecasting models, Peak Powers Synergy program has further improved its performance.