Nundah Tunnel Cycling Access Assessment

Client Name
Department of Transport and Main Roads
Brisbane, Australia
  • Mobility & sustainable transport solutions
  • Transportation engineering


SLR was engaged by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to undertake a review of the current prohibition of cyclists access through the Nundah Tunnel.

The review adopted a multifaceted approach to understanding risk including consideration of the TMR prepared So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable (SFAIRP) draft policy and technical guideline.


The project involved data collection, analysis, engagement with project stakeholders, risk assessments, and the preparation of concept plans with cost estimates for a suite of possible risk mitigation treatments.

The assessment found that permitting cycle access through the Nundah Tunnel was reasonable subject to the implementation of engineering treatment options and ongoing monitoring; and that any new risk was comparable to the status-quo situation.