North Sydney Olympic Pool Cogeneration Feasibility and Design

Client Name
North Sydney Council
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • CFD, wind & energy


Cogeneration technology is the process of using a heat engine to simultaneously generate electricity and heat - both essential for the operation of the North Sydney Olympic Pool. A new system will heat the outdoor pool at a pleasant 29°C. all year

The Pool facility accounts for 35% of Council’s total electricity use, with an annual consumption of more than 1,450,000kWh. The cogeneration unit was launched as fully operational in January 2014 and will produce more than 450,000kWh of electricity per annum, saving $60,000 on the Pool’s power bill. The plant is powered by natural gas, and will reduce CO2 emissions by 367 tonnes per annum and contribute to achieving Council’s sustainability targets.


SLR assisted on the design of this cogeneration system, which is the first to be installed at a public saltwater pool in Sydney. Our team prepared the following:

  • Cogeneration Feasibility Study: SLR has concluded that the installation of a 100kWe cogeneration plant would be the optimal solution for the North Sydney Olympic Pool assuming no electricity can be exported via the grid.
  • Concept Design: SLR has prepared a number of concept design options for the North Sydney Council’s consideration.
  • Detailed Design: SLR has prepared mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering design drawings for tendering
  • Technical Specification: SLR has prepared detailed tender documentation to enable pricing.
  • Grid Connectivity: SLR has prepared the application for the grid connectivity and prepared specification for the Installation of a new Service Protective Device to satisfy the retail provider requirements.

SLR also assisted with tender evaluation/interviews and provided technical support during the construction stage of the project.


The project by North Sydney Council was awarded a Commendation in 2014 API Excellence in Property Award under the category of Local Government.