Net Zero Carbon, Water and Waste Audits for Speciality Foods Manufacturer

Client Name
Food Manufacturer


SLR/ClearLead were engaged as part of a multi-disciplinary team to help a manufacturer of speciality foodstuffs improve its sustainability at two sites, located in the USA and UK.The US site was an already well-established facility with plans for expansion, whereas the UK site was newly-built, and with production capacity being migrated from an older site scheduled for closure.


Our consultant team spent time working with the management teams of each site to understand the historic and projected future performance of both sites, before spending time conducting detailed on-site review of manufacturing process to identify opportunities for energy and carbon emission reduction, waste minimisation and recycling, and water reduction, re-use and recycling.


Opportunities for waste reduction and recycling were identified including through waste segregation and recycling, water recovery from waste products and anaerobic digestion from organic waste streams for energy generation, as well as a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to help the client meet its net zero carbon targets and aspirations.