Natural Light Modelling - 500 Pacific Highway, St Leonards

Client Name
Urban Develop
New South Wales, Australia
  • CFD, wind & energy


Section F4.2 of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) gives the required setback distances for natural lighting requirements. Where this is not met, an alternative solution that meets the performance requirements may be used. 500 Pacific Highway is a high-rise residential development that does not meet the setback requirements on its southern boundary.

The project objectives included conducting natural light modelling using AGi32 to compare a reference version of the building that meets the BCA requirements. The modelling should also assess the worst case scenario where a neighbouring building is built right up to the boundary. This should also highlight that in all affected rooms, the worst case performs better than the reference case or meets the performance requirements


Our team modelled the two scenarios and compared the lighting levels in affected rooms. Recommendations were provided for any necessary design changes.


SLR highlighted each room which did not meet the setback requirements, either met the performance requirements or performed better than the reference case.