Mudgee solid waste facility

Client Name
Mid-Western Regional Council
Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia
  • Sustainable waste management


SLR undertook the detailed design of the Cell 1 final cover system at Mudgee Solid Waste Facility. The scope included designing the cover system to optimise landfill void space whilst considering site and environmental constraints, as well as safe construction and operation.


For this project, SLR developed a design incorporating a waste ‘piggy-back’ liner system, FLAC analysis, leachate interception and collection trench design, landfill Gas (LFG) biofilter treatment system design, HELP modelling and leachate storage pond design, slope stability assessment, LFG generation modelling, LFG and surface water modelling.

The team also provided an accompanying fill plan, construction cost estimate and specification documentation to accompany the design including a technical specification, quality assurance plan and bill of quantities.


Overall, the project was a success as it provided the client with several years of additional fill capacity, based on the review of the final landform and the piggy-backing concept that was applied.