Marine terminal oil discharge prevention & contingency plan

Client Name
Alaska, USA
  • Oil spill prevention, preparedness & response plans


SLR is assisting our client in preparing its oil discharge prevention and contingency plan (ODPCP) for an oil marine terminal facility in Alaska.


The ODPCP describes the organization, strategies, equipment, and personnel for oil spill prevention and response at the marine terminal facility. If a spill occurs at the terminal, the initial response would involve terminal-based equipment and personnel. Depending on the volume spilled, the volume at risk of being spilled, and/or potential complexity of the response requirements, additional response resources could be mobilized from the client’s primary response action contractor, and from their corporate headquarters.


  • Our team prepared the ODPCP in compliance with ADEC, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), and USEPA regulations, and for consistency with the National Contingency Plan and appropriate Area Contingency Plans.
  • The ODPCP is arranged in three volumes and one reference technical manual. SLR is currently assisting the client with the five-year renewal of this plan and routine plan amendment preparation and distribution.
  • The scope of work involved reviewing response planning scenarios, response tactics, and the best available technology (BAT) sections.
  • The updates to this plan require close coordination with the client; research and communications between office and field facilities, and support from SLR during agency meetings and negotiations.
  • SLR also worked with an ODPCP coordination group, involving a citizen’s advisory group to provide an open forum for communication and discussion of topics such as review of plan status, plan amendments, new technologies (to include BAT), revised procedures, drill and exercises, and other items (such as tank inspections) as they may arise.