Marina dredging environmental assessment and management

Client Name
Marina Development
Western Port Bay, Victoria, Australia
  • Marine science


Our client required environmental approvals to undertake dredging to maintain access to their marina within Western Port Bay, Victoria. To provide sufficient information to allow regulators to make an informed decision about the proposed works, SLR developed a fit-for-purpose evaluation framework that reflects the guidance outlined within the Environmental Planning Approvals Best Practice Environmental Management: Guidelines for Dredging (EPA 2001), the National Assessment Guidelines for Dredging (Commonwealth of Australia 2009), the Marine and Coastal Policy (DEWLP, 2020) and other relevant State requirements.

The approach used was consistent with Risk management – Guidelines AS ISO 31000:2018 (Standards Australia 2018). The process commences by establishing the context for the risk assessment by defining the objectives of the proposed works (relevant legislative, policy requirements), sources of risk (project aspects/activities) and existing environmental factors that may be affected by the works.


To inform the application for the Use and Development of Coastal Crown Land under Section 83(1) of the Marine and Coastal Act 2018, SLR developed a comprehensive Dredging Environmental Assessment and Management Plan (DEAMP) that addressed each of the assessment requirements. The DEAMP included:

  • Sediment characterisation and quality assessment.
  • Evaluation of dredge material placement and management options.
  • Description of the existing environment.
  • Assessment of the risk and potential effects of dredging and placement of dredged material on the marine environment.
  • Development of management strategies and mitigation measures to avoid and reduce potential impacts.

Our team managed the engagement and performance of specialists throughout the development of the DEAMP, and subsequent engagement with regulators.

Throughout the duration of the project, our team advised our client on strategic development opportunities that would provide benefits to both the environment and the completion of required works.


Based on the content and comprehensive nature of the Dredging Environmental Assessment and Management Plan prepared by SLR, our client was granted approval for the proposed works.