Kilkenny Towns regeneration projects 2018-2020

Client Name
Kilkenny Leader & Kilkenny County Council
Callen & Graiguenamanagh, Ireland
  • Planning
  • Masterplanning
  • Environmental & social impact assessment


SLR was appointed to prepare a statutory Local Area Plan for Callen for Kilkenny County Council and a Vision Masterplan for Graiguenamanagh/Tinnahinch by Kilkenny Leader Company.


Both projects required the team to address complex and sensitive development and regeneration issues facing two of Kilkenny’s finest heritage towns. Both plans involved new design and land assembly interventions within the historic cores of these towns to connect both towns with their river fronts.

SLR’s role was to lead and coordinate a multi-disciplinary team to examine and align the towns regeneration themes with a focus in Callen on a planning policy lead and in Graiguenamanagh on an infrastructure investment strategy set down within an urban design framework to guide the next phase of town’s development as a heritage and tourism destination.

Both projects had to address issues of viability within the town centre areas as both towns were experiencing high levels of vacancy and required new infrastructure (bridge links) to unlock access opportunities and to tap into the leisure potential of their waterfronts.