HISCOX: CDP climate change disclosure

Client Name
  • ESG advisory


Hiscox responds to CDP’s Climate Change disclosure, submitting a public disclosure each year. We support Hiscox in delivering a comprehensive CDP response that accurately reflects its performance and activities in the reporting year.


We engaged with key internal stakeholders across the business to gather updates on reporting year data and qualitative responses. We also updated the GHG emissions and activity data modules in the Climate Change questionnaire (C4-C9). Following the completion of a first draft, we provided mock scoring feedback with priority actions for Hiscox. Ahead of submission, we completed a final review and QA checks on the CDP Platform (ORS).


An updated CDP Climate Change response for 2023 disclosure, including all relevant GHG emissions data and details on activities completed in the reporting year. We have supported Hiscox with its CDP response for several years; in that time, we have helped improve its performance from a C to a B score in 2022.

“Corporate Citizenship (part of SLR) is very much an extension of our in-house team, and I immensely value their expertise in navigating the reporting landscape as it continues to evolve.”

Lucy Hensher, Senior Group Corporate Affairs Manager.