Gyle Shopping Centre flood studies

Client Name
Gyle Shopping Centre
Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Hydrology


The Gyle Shopping Centre is a focal point for the west side of Edinburgh. Building on its success, an extension was planned, to include a range of further shops and cinema complex.

Historical records and current flood mapping indicated that this area was at risk of flooding in large-scale events from the Gogar Burn. A detailed flood risk assessment was required to define the extent of risk and develop mitigation measures that would allow the development to proceed.


Our first task was to undertake a baseline hydrological assessment of the burn and its catchment. Following this initial study, SLR addressed the detailed flood risk at the Shopping Centre, using 2D flood modelling techniques.

The flooding regime in this vicinity includes elements of open channel flow, significant large-diameter culverts, and overland flow via breakout flow paths. SLR merged several modelling techniques in order to adequately track the path of water flow across this area and cater for this complexity.


The study concluded that the extension to the Shopping Centre would not have a significant effect on the flood regime, and the flood risk assessment has been provided to the City of Edinburgh Council in support of the Planning Application for the development.