Galataport wind and thermal comfort assessment

Client Name
Salipazari Port Management and Investment Inc
Istanbul, Turkey
  • CFD, wind & energy


The Galataport Project is a $1.7 billion cruise ship terminal with retail and commercial spaces. The cruise ship terminal is located in an area undergoing waterfront redevelopment along the Bosphorus Strait. This new waterfront spans across 110,000 square meters of land and includes 1.2 kilometres of boardwalk.

Due to the proximity to the ocean, this area is susceptible to poor wind and thermal comfort conditions. Due to the potential risk of these unwanted conditions, SLR was retained by Salipazari Port Management and Investment Inc. to evaluate wind and thermal comfort for pedestrians who are using the district throughout the year.


Our team was responsible for delivering the following services:

  • Wind tunnel testing of a scale model of the proposed master plan
  • Climatic review of Istanbul, with specific regard for wind and thermal comfort
  • Thermal comfort analysis at specific locations throughout the site, with results compared to establish criteria (UTCI)
  • Pedestrian wind comfort analysis, with results compared to establish criteria.