Federal VOC Reduction Program Audits

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Multiple Refinery Clients
Multiple Locations Across Canada
  • ESG advisory
  • Environmental management, permitting & compliance


In 2020, the federal government of Canada published new regulations under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 requiring petroleum refiners, upgraders and certain petrochemical facilities to implement leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As part of a comprehensive LDAR program, the Reduction in the Release of Volatile Organic Compounds Regulations (Petroleum Sector) (SOR/2020-231) also requires the implementation of a fence line monitoring program for certain listed VOCs.

An associated requirement of the Regulation is the execution of an independent audit regarding the subject facility’s performance with regards to the LDAR and the fence line monitoring programs. The initial audit report, outlining a facility's compliance with these regulations for the preceding two calendar years, is due to be submitted to Environment and Climate Change Canada by June 30, 2024.


SLR engaged subject matter experts and experienced auditors from both our Canada and U.S. teams to assist seven refinery clients across Canada in meeting their obligation for an independent audit. Our support to these clients took advantage of the skills and experience of our ESG Advisory, Performance & Assurance, and Air Quality teams.


Beyond aiding clients in meeting their reporting obligations, we facilitated knowledge transfer by leveraging our experience with U.S. programs and benchmarking efforts across Canadian refineries. This allowed us to educate clients on best practices, thereby enhancing their compliance programs.