Farmington affordable housing plan

Client Name
Town of Farmington
Connecticut, USA
  • Community planning


The Town of Farmington contracted SLR to identify opportunities and challenges to the accessibility of Affordable Housing in the town, using the guidance provided by the Connecticut Department of Housing.


The first part of the analysis consisted of a housing needs assessment that identified gaps between supplies of attainable housing and the resources of the current town population. Case studies from other municipalities were provided to the Planning & Zoning Commission and the public through a robust outreach process. Public outreach sessions not only solicited feedback from residents but also provided background knowledge and education on this often-misunderstood topics.

The Project Team then examined Town zoning and policies for opportunities to improve housing diversity in appropriate locations. The Team refined policies and locations most appropriate for affordable housing in consultation with the Planning & Zoning Commission and staff.


The data and recommendations were synthesised into a comprehensive document which was adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission.