Evidence evaluations for Australian drinking water guidelines

Client Name
National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC)
Victoria, Australia
  • Risk assessment & toxicology


National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC), in conjunction with SLR, developed a new methodological framework to guide updates to chemical fact sheets and other sections of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The methodological framework provides consistency across updates and aligns with international best practice in evidence review methods and guideline development.

SLR was engaged to apply the methodological framework to 11 chemical fact sheets, including a number of metals/metalloids and inorganics.


Our team undertook a review of existing guidance, assessing the methods used by national and international agencies, undertaking a literature review of studies published since the most recent guideline document.

SLR also assessed whether supporting information in the fact sheet was up to date, providing evidence to inform any changes to the guidance.

The findings of each review were reviewed and accepted by NH&MRC and an independent Water Quality Advisory Committee.