Environmental work associated with a new waste rock dump and partial pit backfilling

Client Name
Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mining (Pty) Ltd
Northern Cape, South Africa
  • Environmental & social impact assessment
  • Mine environmental & social


Tshipi Bora Mine in the Northern Cape of South Africa is one of the largest manganese mineral assets in the world. Tshipi proposes to establish an extension of the current Waste Rock Dump. Tshipi also changed the closure objectives of its approved Environmental Management Plan (EMPr) to cater for partial pit backfilling only and a change in the layering of the backfill.

The project triggered listed environmental and waste management activities which require environmental authorisation in terms of South African environmental legislation.


SLR was commissioned to undertake an environmental impact assessment (EIA) to inform the various environmental authorisation applications, in addition to amending the EMPr. SLR has been working with Tshipi for many years and has a detailed knowledge of the mine allowing the work to be undertaken in a comprehensive and efficient manner.


SLR commissioned a number of subcontractors to undertake a wide range of environmental studies in support of the EIA. These included: geology, soil and land capability, biodiversity, hydrology, groundwater, air quality, noise, visual, traffic, blasting, heritage, palaeontology, and socioeconomic. A stakeholder engagement process was subsequently undertaken and the authorisation submitted and approved.