Environmental sustainability strategy for Pearson

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London, UK
  • ESG advisory


Pearson is the world’s largest education company. Corporate Citizenship (an SLR company) has been working with Pearson for over a decade on sustainability, including our work on environmental data assurance since 2010.

As part of our annual assurance activities, we review Pearson’s global environmental data, including energy use (electricity and fossil fuel), business travel, water use and corporate greenhouse gas emissions, in order to provide independent verification for the company’s annual sustainability report.

In 2015, Pearson approached Corporate Citizenship in order to help the company review its environmental sustainability strategy, relative to peers and competitors.


In order to deliver a comprehensive review, the Corporate Citizenship team undertook the following activities:

  • A detailed benchmark of the environmental sustainability strategies of peers and competitors.
  • A detailed benchmark how peers and competitors structure their environment sustainability teams.
  • In-depth interviews of internal practitioners within the business to understand current activities undertaken and aspirations for future development.
  • A detailed management report was produced as a result of this exercise that allowed the Pearson sustainability team to not only to take stock of where they were in their environmental sustainability journey, but also identify opportunities for future improvement, including responsbile sourcing, based on the recommendations provided by Corporate Citizenship team.


Our expert review of the company’s competitive landscape and internal priorities provided the client with a strong platform for decision-making and for shaping future environmental strategy.

We were able to provide clear recommendations for strategy development, goal-setting and organisational structures, based on external and internal proof-points, and our knowledge of industry best-practice.