Environmental and technical due diligence

Client Name
Exponent Private Equity Ltd
  • Transaction due diligence


Our client recognised that some of its potential acquisition targets had risks associated with environmental compliance and land quality liabilities.


SLR was appointed to assist in identifying these risks, and where present, to quantify both upgrade costs and assess the likelihood of these costs crystallising. These assets have included waste management companies, food and garden products manufacturers, and publishers.

Our advisory team has a wealth of experience across a range of service sectors and we have been able to provide advice around compliance aspects on numerous topic areas including: permitting, planning, chemical storage, waste management, air emissions, carbon management, deleterious materials and process health and safety. In some cases significant compliance issues have been identified where the vendor was not aware of its legal obligations.


Using a combined approach of document review, site visits and management interviews, SLR has been able to provide rapid advice by way of interim ‘Red Flag’ reporting, typically on a weekly basis, to enable our client and the rest of the advisory team to focus on areas of material risk as the due diligence process progresses.

SLR has also been able to support our client’s legal advisors with technical input into the drafting of final contract documentation.

We have also been able to provide pre-acquisition ESG reviews to support our client’s commitment to Responsible Investment.