Energy Management Plan

Client Name
Campbelltown City Council
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • CFD, wind & energy


Campbelltown City Council (Council) plays an important role in implementing measurable actions to improve its and the community’s environmental bottom line in the areas of resource consumption/management and sustainability. In pursuing the incorporation of these areas, Council aims to minimise the consumption of energy and other finite resources, conserve environmental assets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


SLR was engaged to develop an EMP which would strategically guide the implementation of energy efficient initiatives and technologies across the Council’s top ten energy consuming sites.

The development of the EMP was to be based on guidelines developed by the Office of Environment and Heritage and include the following components:

  • Graphs indicating historic energy consumption for all of Council’s buildings, facilities and street lighting
  • Graphs indicating baseline energy consumption information for each of Council’s top 10 energy consuming sites/facilities
  • Energy assessment
  • Identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption
  • Detailed business cases including renewable energy options
  • Prioritised list of energy savings projects for implementation.


  • The EMP acts as a strategic document, providing a framework for Council to pursue and implement energy conservation activities within specific area of its business.
  • The EMP integrates into Council’s Delivery Plan, Operational Plan and Asset Management Plan as required by the Planning and Reporting Manual for local government in NSW and Local Government Act 1993.