East Creek Linear Parklands Gap Analysis

Client Name
Toowoomba Regional Council
Queensland, Australia
  • Landscape architecture


SLR was commissioned by Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) to undertake the Gap Analysis of recreational standards for the East Creel Linear Parklands in line with the current Desired Standards of Service (DSS).

TRC recognised the aesthetic qualities of many of their parks in the 7km linear corridor, but also identified that there were shortfalls in the quality and quantity of facilities and amenities. Being focused on attaining minimum standards in line with Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) requirements, SLR undertook an analysis and subsequent identification of Gaps along the parklands to assist TRC in planning for future funding allowances and works programming.


SLR undertook a detailed site-based analysis of the site based on a bespoke web-based mobile survey application that provided a range of landscape and visual categories to assess multiple points within each park.

This provided a comprehensive outline of park features and characteristics that could be used to ascertain the gaps in infrastructure and appearance and which would form the basis of future recommended priorities and upgrades. SLR worked closely with Council staff to identify current limitations and shortfalls in basic amenities such as signage, wayfinding, connectivity, shading and safety.

Concurrent community consultation was undertaken on the linear park recreational upgrades in association with TRC to gauge community sentiment and seek feedback on specific recreational activities.

The Gap Analysis was primarily undertaken to understand gaps in embellishment stands and identify requirements for LGIP funding. The analysis also aided in providing council with an understanding of each of the 19 parks within the corridor, their basic embellishment needs and how connectivity to external parks (Emmerson Park, Middle Ridge Park) would help link the community to a range of park uses and experiences.