Darwin 2030 Climate Emergency Strategy

Client Name
City of Darwin
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
  • CFD, wind & energy


City of Darwin is a local government body in the Northern Territory, which governs essential community services such as waste management, domestic animal management, playgrounds and recreational facilities, libraries and town planning.

To support the City of Darwin commitment to investing in environmental initiatives to create a city that is vibrant, creative, innovated, connected and environmentally responsible, they required specialist consultancy services to support in the development of their 2030 Climate Emergency Strategy.


SLR has partnered with City of Darwin to develop strategic actions in support of their 2030 Climate Emergency Strategy.

Our team provided a comprehensive organisational carbon emissions profile. covering: on-site fossil fuel use, current fleet and leased vehicle, purchased electricity, water and waste, business travel, staff commute, business services procurement and other non-protocol items.

We identified profile data gaps and the ability to mitigate these gaps, undertook a risk assessment of the vulnerability of City of Darwin staff to the impacts of climate change, using the disposition of staff by location, movement parameters and by “exposure” factors (e.g. proximity to coastline).


The study reviewed the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report (IPCC AR6) climate change projections for the Darwin region and updated previous climate change related mitigation and/or adaptation initiatives specifically related to staff vulnerability. Where gaps were identified, new initiatives were commenced following extensive engagement with staff.