CREATE - Congestion Reduction in Europe: Advancing Transport Efficiency

Client Name
The European Commission
  • International transport and mobility research


CREATE is a pan-European programme and one of the first projects to address the task of Tackling Urban Road Congestion, taking a long-term view of how this could be achieved, especially in cities experiencing rapid growth in car ownership and use.


The opportunity for CREATE was to take the experiences and successes of participant cities where car ownership was and still is declining (London, Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna and Berlin) and deploy best practice to those experiencing rising ownership and congestion (Bucharest, Adana, Skopje, Tallinn and Amman).

SLR worked with European partners to produce guidelines for reducing traffic congestion. We first identified how the Western European city partners had managed to reduce car use, by estimating the effectiveness of different policy measures and the political, governance and legislative structures that had made this possible.

Then we advised the Eastern European cities on how to accelerate their move from car growth to sustainable mobility, and how to make business cases for investment using EBRD and EIB funding.


This led to a future vision and strategy that would address the challenges faced by cities with population increases and the densification of mobility, allowing them to implement best practice solutions and deliver cleaner and more sustainable living environments as a result.