Cougar Recycling - site management & stormwater drainage design

Client Name
DB Architects
Brooklyn, Victoria, Australia
  • Acoustics & vibration
  • Air quality
  • Hydrology
  • Environmental management, permitting & compliance


In March 2022, the Brimbank City Council (Council) issued a Planning Permit to Cougar Recycling, outlining various conditions that must be fulfilled within 60 days of the permit being issued. The aim of this was to enable Cougar Recycling to continue to use and develop the land for materials recycling (oversized metal) and alteration of access to the adjoining service road in accordance with the endorsed plans.

SLR were engaged by DB Architects on behalf of Cougar Recycling to provide a targeted response to conditions of their planning permit.


The client required the preparation and submission of a Site Management Plan (SMP) to form part of the planning permit. The SMP included measures to address dust mitigation, managing noise emissions, movement and storage of materials, controlling vehicle access, staff training, water safe urban design, surface water management, landscape maintenance, site maintenance and contamination management.

Our team also prepared a Stormwater Drainage and Wastewater Plan (SDWP), highlighting the entire site connected to existing underwater drainage and sewerage systems. The plan focused on the works required to upgrade or enhance existing stormwater and wastewater systems to prevent the discharge of waste to the stormwater system and to conform with construction requirements.


SLR successfully delivered the SMP and SDWP to DB Architects well ahead of the 60-day due date stipulated by Council. Our team also prepared an Environmental Management Framework (EMF) for Cougar Recycling which incorporated Air Quality and Acoustics site assessments. In addition, as part of the EMF process, SLR socialised the EMF with Council and the Victorian Environmental Protection Authority, and the EMF was subsequently approved.