Contingency plan for carriers of hazardous waste

Client Name
Multiple Transportation Companies
British Columbia, Canada
  • Oil spill prevention, preparedness & response plans


SLR was retained to complete of multiple Contingency Plans for several Transportation and Disposal companies to support their BC Application for a Licence to Transport Hazardous Waste.


We were responsible for characterising hazardous waste materials proposed to be transported so their hazardous properties could be better managed and understood by the carriers. Our team identified types and extents of potential incidents that could lead to the development of emergency situations. For each potential incident we calculated the probability of occurrence, consequences and prevention measures to be taken.

SLR provided detailed spill amounts for various wastes to our clients and identified applicable emergency spill response resources, both internal and external. Additionally, keeping everyone’s safety a top priority, our team identified and recommended appropriate personal protective equipment and spill response equipment required for the various types of hazardous waste.


  • Develop a Spill Response Plans for Transportation companies as training tool.
  • Development of contingency plans; to meet the clients’ licencing requirement for the Transportation of Hazardous Waste.
  • Worked with multiple Transportation companies providing training and guidance on Hazardous Waste Spill Prevention and Emergency Response.
  • Preparation of the Contingency Plans in accordance with the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy Guideline document.
  • Review Environmental Management Act, Spill Reporting Regulation, Hazardous Waste Regulation and related documents and guidelines.
  • Create a plan that describes the equipment, organizational resources, services, and communications necessary to respond to hazardous waste emergencies.