Consumer packaged goods environmental studies

Client Name
Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Environmental management, permitting & compliance
  • Ecology
  • Risk assessment & toxicology


SLR was retained by a consumer-packaged goods company to complete a Phase II ESA and subsequent delineation drilling at their distribution facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Following completion of the assessment work, it was understood that subsurface PHC impacts were widespread and additional evaluation of risks to receptors would be required.


In order to proceed with a Risk Assessment and derive Tier 3 endpoints for substances of concern at the site, a Soil Vapour Assessment was initiated to collect additional on-site and off-site soil vapour data. Based on the results, it was concluded that sufficient vapour, indoor and outdoor air data had been collected, and that the data were supportive of the quantitative assessment through the completion of a Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment (HHERA). The HHERA was initiated, and results concluded that the human health exposure pathway was considered complete and significant for the on-site and off-site assessment areas via inhalation of trench air by hypothetical subsurface workers conducting utility maintenance.

The completed HHERA and an updated Corrective Action Plan for the site was submitted to Saskatchewan MOE outlining the conclusions, including appropriate ground disturbance protocols (administrative controls) to be implemented during any future trench work in the study area.


Following completion of the HHERA, Saskatchewan MOE concurrence was attained regarding the proposed ground disturbance controls (administrative controls) and Tier 3 endpoints. No addition work, such as long-term groundwater and soil vapour monitoring and sampling relating to environmental impacts at the site was required.

This project was completed by a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, technologists, technical specialists, environmental scientists and CAD personnel including highly-skilled risk assessors with extensive knowledge of the Saskatchewan Environmental Regulations as well as federal risk assessment programs located in SLR’s Saskatchewan offices and across Canada.

SLR successfully worked with CCRCC personnel to coordinate and conduct required work within client driven timelines during ongoing facility operations with no minor disturbance to daily operations. All assessment and HHERA work were completed below budget, and added value was provided to CCRCC through the eliminating costly ex-situ remediation work and future long-term groundwater and soil vapour sampling programs; typical of long-term risk management approaches at contaminated sites.