Chemical recycling of end-of-life plastics in the UK

Client Name
Teesside, UK
  • ESG advisory


ReNew ELP is currently constructing the world’s first commercial-scale plant to use the HydroPRS™ patented hydrothermal upgrading technology for the chemical recycling of end-of-life plastics in Teesside, UK. As the project is a ground-breaking endeavour, ReNew ELP enlisted SLR’s support in building a compelling case to the Environment Agency that the process was chemical manufacturing/recycling, rather than a waste operation.


SLR assessed all potential classifications and developing robust justifications as to why the process should be classified as chemical manufacturing. We then held a pre-application meeting with the Environment Agency and ReNew ELP to discuss our proposed classification, which the EA accepted. Following this, we compiled the permit application documents and supporting reports for submission to the EA.


The final permit for this project was issued in November 2020 and the future is now looking brighter for plastic waste efforts in the UK.