BrisWest - Swanbank environmental due diligence

Client Name
Goldman Sachs
Queensland, Australia
  • Planning
  • Safety advisory
  • Land quality & remediation
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Transaction due diligence


The site, located on a former coal mine site contained abandoned tunnels with known contaminated land issues.


SLR were commissioned to undertake environmental due diligence for a future purchase of land proposed for industrial development. Environmental services undertaken included:

  • Contaminated Land (surface & subsurface materials, ground & surface water, spontaneous combustion coal material, and capping mitigation)
  • Geotechnical (former coal mine grout filling review, and shallow surface geotechnical review)
  • Biodiversity (fauna and flora, biodiversity overlays, and approval mapping)
  • Planning (environmental approvals and mapping)
  • Cultural Heritage (desktop review)
  • Health, Safety, Environment (reviews of Construction Environmental Management Plan & Work, and Health & Safety legislation advice)
  • Due diligence coordination
  • Highlight risks for the purchasing client
  • Review the technical mitigation measures proposed by third party consultants
  • Formulate a final risk profile for the site for the client to base their investment options on.


Within a tight time frame, the team provided the client with two reports outlining the initial and residual risks for the site, used to inform the investment decision for site purchase. Through a series of weekly meetings, SLR communicated the risks and proposed mitigation measures, ensuring the client understood the time, cost and reputational risk of the project.