Brisbane Airport new parallel runway

Client Name
Brisbane Airport Corporation
Queensland, Australia
  • Landscape architecture


The New Parallel Runway (NPR) is a $1.3 billion dollar project, that SLR team members have been a part of since 2015 as the surface stabilisation design consultants.

The project consists of stabilising 360 hectares of various landforms within the NPR, as well as the Dryandra Road upgrade. The stabilising requirements and outcomes range across the site, where the main project challenges consisted of the following:

  • Determining the reuse of reclaimed site topsoil from the projects early clearing works
  • Developing growing media in conjunction with Soil scientists over the projects pre-load sand
  • Determining the most suitable grass species for the airfield which are low maintenance, can tolerate coastal environments and are low bird attracting
  • Stabilising pre load mounds for future infrastructure works
  • Developing a “rank grass” mix for the Lewin’s Rail, which at the time of design was “near threatened”
  • Vegetating tidal drains and low lying drainage lines


SLR team members developed the landscape design and documentation in conjunction with Jacob’s. The design scope consisted of workshops, Safety in Design reporting, development of a Bill of Quantities for milestone costing, and a range of milestone design reports. Our team recommended using the grass technique of stolonisation, to reduce costs, while ensuring that stabilising of the 170ha airfield could be achieved in the time-line.

The SLR team were also engaged to review all of the submitted tenders, with the intention of providing insights into each package, from a landscape perspective.

As quality inspectors on behalf of Brisbane Airport Corporation, our team held regular inspections to review the whole site in detail, and raise any establishment/maintenance concerns A review of any project Request For Information, to provide further landscape and horticultural advice was also provided. Our final portion of the SLR scope will include auditing, forming a quality assessment perspective, and providing the project landscape construction documentation prior to closing out each section of the project.

* Image courtesy of Brisbane Airport Corporation