Bayston Hill quarry extension

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Shropshire, UK
  • Environmental & social impact assessment
  • Hydrology
  • Ecology


Bayston Hill Quarry is Lafarge Tarmac’s flagship site and has been operational since before the introduction of current planning legislation, the first consent being an Interim Development Order in 1947. Despite the name, the quarry is actually located on a geographical feature known as ‘Sharpstone Hill’, and will be referred to as such where appropriate. The site currently produces about 800,000 tonnes per annum of superior quality high specification aggregates. The ‘Greywacke’ stone it produces also has global appeal, having recently supplied 4000 tonnes of aggregates for the Yas Marina F1 race track in Abu Dhabi.


A 3D virtual model was prepared for the design in order to demonstrate the function of the screen landform at public consultation. 3D animations were also generated to illustrate the phased development of the landform and the effect of planting as it matures. The virtual model was used to good effect at both internal meetings with Tarmac staff and at public consultation events. The use of the 3D model also proved very useful in the earlier design development stage by enabling visualisation of landform profile and planting pattern relative to the wider landscape.


SLR’s Landscape Team has had a long term involvement with Tarmac in development of the site, with early planning and consultation exercises for the quarry’s extension being carried out alongside the Geology and Hydrology Teams. The concept for the site included the design of a new perimeter screening landform that would be formed early in the quarry redevelopment process to replicate the existing ridge and provide screening to the relocated plant site. Creation of this landform offers a significant opportunity for a ‘Landscape Scale’ habitat creation project, with its scale and location also presenting other technical considerations relating to its cultural / historic context.