Battery energy storage systems planning and approvals support

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New South Wales, Australia
  • Planning
  • Climate resilience planning & design
  • Community planning
  • Masterplanning


SLR is proud to be collaborating with a forward-thinking renewable energy company as they navigate the State Significant Development (SSD) process in New South Wales (NSW). With expertise in sustainable development and comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory landscape, SLR is dedicated to supporting our client in achieving their renewable energy goals.

GRS specializes in renewable energy projects within the solar photovoltaic industry, operating across all sections of the value chain of the renewable energy project. The renewables sector across Australia is rapidly growing with major solar and wind renewable infrastructure projects. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) have a crucial role to play in the transition to renewable energy as they held address the storing excess energy when generation exceeds demand and supplying stored energy during periods of low generation. This helps to balance and stabilization to the grid and ensure a reliable power supply.

GRS required planning and approvals consultancy support, to help develop, build and operate their portfolio of BESS. GRS engaged SLR to assist with the town planning and initial site acquisition stage, to increase their BESS capacity within NSW and guide them through the NSW planning legislation. Our role is to guide GRS through the complex SSD process, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations, policies, and guidelines, while streamlining the project timeline.

SLR aims to facilitate the successful realization of the renewable energy project while ensuring compliance with the SSD requirements.


SLR have been engaged to provide town planning and other environmental consulting services to garner development approvals for BESS varying in capacity from 50MW-200MW along with associated infrastructure such as structural support and transmission infrastructure to support the projects for various sites across New South Wales. As identified, the projects are considered State Significant Development and SLR was engaged to guide GRS through the planning legislation hurdles and provide approvals pathways strategies and advice. Our initial engagement with the projects has been site identification and acquisition. To undertake this process SLR has completed site screenings of potential development areas near substations for the client, through investigating key environmental and planning constraints. SLR concisely communicated the findings of these screenings to GRS and have had collaborative discussions to prioitise the identified sites.

Our team then takes proactive steps to engage landowners and explore potential opportunities for the BESS development. SLR on behalf of GRS has reached out to landowners to discuss the possibility of leasing their sites for the renewable energy projects. During this process SLR has transparent communication with the landowners outlining the key factors such as land size, proximity to power infrastructure, environmental considerations, and local regulation which have resulted in their site being identified. Our team is the conduit between the landowner and GRS during the negotiations.


Since our initial engagement SLR have provided clear advice and strategies on the SSD process within NSW. Through our partnership with GRS, we strive to contribute to clean energy generation, and support the transition to a greener future.