Air quality permitting and multi-media compliance for Nucor

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Multiple Locations, USA
  • Air quality
  • CFD, wind & energy


Nucor is America’s largest steel manufacturing company, who pioneered the development of electric arc furnace “mini mills” and in doing so have become the largest recycler in North America while making high-quality steel products. In 2001 – 2010, Nucor grew at unprecedented rates to become the nation’s leading producer of steel.


Since 2017, SLR has worked closely with Nucor on a range of projects including sites in Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, South Carolina and Texas, primarily in air quality permitting and multi-media compliance. SLR has led the preparation of major PSD permit applications, as well as supported Nucor with Title V and multi-media environmental permitting, environmental control technology investigations, air dispersion modelling, ISO training, and transactions due diligence.

In addition, SLR’s team has guided and evaluated the development of environmental compliance systems, provided computational fluid dynamic modelling to assess and improve air flow and capture efficiency in steel mills, and developed and updated routine compliance plans. SLR continues to support Nucor’s mission to be cultural and environmental stewards in the communities where they live and work.