Air quality assessment for specified generators

Client Name
Infinis Energy Services Ltd
  • Air quality
  • Process engineering


SLR supported Infinis with the preparation of permit applications and air emissions risk assessment for 13 Tranche B Specified Generator sites in late 2018. The project had a tight timetable however SLR’s resources and experience meant that we could meet the requirements within the timeframe. 


Instructed at the start of November 2018, SLR was able to draft the applications (including detailed dispersion models for 9 of the sites) such that they were submitted in accordance with the Environment Agency’s 31st December 2018 deadline.

Throughout the process, SLR was able to offer Infinis solutions to ensure the deadline was met. This included Process Engineering support with calculating each site’s thermal capacity and emission parameters from first principles based on fuel types and engine specifications for example.

SLR carried out an initial screening of the 13 sites to determine the scope for works for each. We agreed a more accurate, but non-standard, screening approach with the Environment Agency to expedite the process and reduce the number of sites needing more time consuming detailed dispersion modelling.


In total 4 sites didn’t need to progress beyond screening and nine sites required modelling. The Environmental Permit applications were prepared, submitted, and all duly made by the deadline.