Acidic metalliferous mine water treatability term contract

Client Name
The Coal Authority
  • Mine water management


SLR was awarded a three year framework contract by The Coal Authority to provide technical expertise regarding the treatability of acidic and metalliferous mine drainage.


The drainage from historic metal mining sites across England has a variety of flow conditions and chemistries, with the water typically being acidic and containing elevated concentration of metals.

SLR was selected to sit on a panel of experts who are invited to review selected mine drainages in different parts of England. The review will assess the treatability of the mine drainage considering active and passive treatment systems.


The SLR team brings the following capabilities

  • Geochemical assessment of mine water
  • Feasibility and consideration of using passive and active treatment systems
  • Cost benefit analysis of selected technology
  • Outline design and sizing of selected technology
  • Life cycle costs for treatment and metal recycling assessment