Warren McCleland

Principal Ecologist



Warren McCleland has been conducting terrestrial ecology surveys for ESIAs through Africa for the past 17 years. He specialises in botany and ornithology, although he is also able to conduct mammal and herpetology surveys and is frequently called upon to lead biodiversity teams for large projects. He has experience with writing reports to lender specifications, particularly IFC Performance Standard 6, World Bank ESS6 AfDB Operational Safeguard Warren has expertise in conducting baseline surveys, impact assessments, biodiversity management plans and action plans, critical habitat assessments and offset strategies, and contributing to environmental flow assessments. Warren is a member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Southern African Plant Specialist Group (IUCN SSC SAPSG) where he is responsible for species Red-list assessments. Warren has extensive experience in projects for the mining industry, particularly copper, coal and gold mining, and in the last few years has conducted numerous surveys for projects in the oil & gas, hydropower and renewable energy industries and has worked in many countries.

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