Tedros Tesfay

Senior Hydrogeologist



Dr. Tedros Tesfay holds over 13 years of consulting experience as a hydrogeologist/hydrogeochemist solving client’s complex water resources and water quality problems. Leveraging his broad educational background and work experience in hydrogeology, geochemistry, and subsurface lithologic characterisation, he has supported various projects throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Middle East, and Africa. Tedros has a strong commitment to social and community services.

Tedros’ hydrogeology experience includes groundwater flow and solute transport modelling (MODFLOW), preparing monitoring programmes (installing wells, logging, sampling, and testing), aquifer testing, synthesises lithological and geophysical data to identify highly conductive and naturally confining units, and builds 2D and 3D geologic models that substantiate domain discretisation for groundwater flow modelling, etc.

As a geochemist, he conducts baseline studies, geochemical mine waste (ARD/ML) characterisations, evaluates pit lake water quality and its impact on adjoining water resources, develops geochemical modelling (PHREEQC/PHT3D) simulations to understand the fate and transport of contaminants, etc.

He has developed a Hydrogeochemical Trend Analysis (HGTA) method that independently verifies hydraulic connectivity between surface water-groundwater regimes or distinct aquifer units. Understanding distinct hydrogeological/geochemical flowlines helps to build a sound conceptual site model (CSM) and guides appropriate site-specific corrective actions.

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