Stephen Gover

Associate Process Engineer



Stephen brings to SLR a specialist background in polymer recovery and recycling. This experience was gained during 5 years with one of Europe’s largest recyclers of PET as part of their global technical team.

In his career, Stephen has been responsible for a range of projects covering new process developments, technology reviews, optimisations, commissioning support and best practice implementations for large-scale recycling facilities, including sorting platforms, as well as food-grade polymer extrusion and decontamination systems at multiple sites around the world. Stephen is also experienced in critical performance evaluations of equipment from a range of top manufacturers, with the aim of maximising efficiency and yields while meeting stringent legislation on process and quality metrics across recycling markets.

Since joining SLR, Stephen has acted as project manager and technical lead on a number of complex development projects in the plastics sector. Including support in the ground-up delivery of new recycling facilities, as well as detailed development works on new and novel recycling technologies; working for clients who want to invest in the circular economy by increasing recycling rates of both traditional, and typically hard to recycle materials.

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