Richard Johnson

European Engineering Operations Manager



Richard is the Engineering Operations Manager for SLR’s European region. In his previous role within the SLR Group, Richard was Director and Chief Operating Officer with SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd with specific responsibility for operations management of SLR’s business in Canada.

Richard has 30 years’ technical experience in feasibility assessment, investigation, design, contract preparation, procurement and management of a variety of infrastructure and building construction projects including commercial, residential and industrial. Richard has experience in geological and geotechnical investigation and design for a variety of construction projects including building foundations, slopes stability (rock and soil) roads and tunnels. Specifically, Richard has over 20 years’ experience in the technical due diligence, feasibility assessment, design, procurement and construction oversight of waste treatment infrastructure including Landfill, MBT, AD, MRF and EfW.

Richard has extensive experience supporting commercial and technical due diligence for infrastructure projects across Europe and North America.

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