Eddie Cunningham

Technical Director - Mine Waste Engineering



Edward is the Mine Waste Project Director with SLR Consulting in Africa. He has a background in geotechnical engineering design, construction and operations. Edward has been involved in the geotechnical engineering field for the last 85 years. Some 33 years ago, he became one of the first pioneers in developing the 3D modelling tools for the design of tailings facilities, opencast pit modelling and site closure models. His original degree is in architecture, hence the original vision for the need of a 3D design tool within the geotechnical engineering field.

Edward’s project experience includes Project Management and Design of Tailings Dam Projects. i.e: (Design and Optimisation of Dams, Terracing, Canals and River diversions, Open Cast Pit Closure, Refuse Dumps and Slimes Dams Design and Closure), Production of bill of Quantities, Site supervision and quality control. He forms part of a multi-disciplinary team providing specialist inputs for the compilation of environmental impact assessments and environmental management programmes. He has extensive experience working in developing countries in Africa, including Botswana, Lesotho, Mali, Zambia, Angola and the DRC, as well as working in Europe and Saudi Arabia.

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