Dr. Ric Horobin

Northern Operations Manager



Dr Ric Horobin is a Principal Hydrogeologist with 25 years’ postgraduate experience. He has worked on a range of projects including the clean-up of a placer mine near Lake Laberge, Marwell Tar Pits remediation, Whitehorse, and a water supply assessment for the RCMP across the Prairies. He is currently leading the team advising the Yukon Water Board on the water licence application for the Kudz Ze Kayah mine in eastern Yukon. His experience includes running the groundwater and land quality team at Arcadis in the UK as well as overseeing management of thermal springs, development of new water supply boreholes for potable and industrial use in several countries around the world to leading the team managing the environmental impacts and engineering implications of water on several large infrastructure projects.

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