Bithi Roy

Senior Project Consultant, Sustainable Waste Management – Asia Pacific



Bithi is based in our Sydney office and has 10 years’ experience in waste management and environmental sectors across the fields of waste, energy, resource recovery, and circular economy. Experienced managing sustainable projects across various areas/sectors, including environment, construction, agriculture, and energy.

Bithi is most adept at overseeing all stages of product development from concept to application stage, while adhering to timelines and exceeding deadlines and safety requirements.

Bithi provides technical support to a range of projects, including lifecycle analysis (LCA) of large-scale Waste to Energy (WtE) plants in Australia and New Zealand, performing feasibility studies, and undertaking forecasting, greenhouse gas (GHG) emission assessment and feedstock/ market analysis for several due diligence projects.

The major activities include providing advisory services on due diligence projects, working on environmental impact assessments, waste management plan preparation, waste strategy preparation, data collection, market analysis, data analysis, material flow modelling, forecasting, cost-benefit analysis, multi-criteria analysis (MCA), life cycle assessment, and options assessment.

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