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03 May 2022
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Last night, at its annual meeting in Vancouver, the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) awarded Bill Roscoe with the Vale Medal for Meritorious Contributions to Mining and Deborah McCombe with the Selwyn Blaylock Canadian Mining Excellence Award.

At the event, CIM honoured a long list of mining professionals for their achievements and contributions to the Canadian and international mining industry. SLR is excited to congratulate Bill and Deborah on winning the two most prestigious awards.

The Vale Medal for Meritorious Contributions is presented to an individual who has made admirable and practical contributions to the mining and metallurgical industry in Canada. Along with John Postle, Bill founded Roscoe Postle Associates (now part of SLR Consulting Ltd.), and helped guide it into becoming one the world’s leading and most respected mining and geological consultancies. “Alongside this achievement, Bill was integral in establishing the fundamental principles of modern mineral resource estimation and mineral property valuation practices and standards, something that has allowed the industry and investors increased certainty in evaluating the risks of mining investments,” said Graham Clow, Global Strategy Director and former Chairman of RPA.

The Selwyn Blaylock Canadian Mining Excellence Award is awarded for distinguished service to Canada through exceptional achievement in the field of mining, metallurgy, or geology. Beginning with her tenure as Chief Mining Consultant for the Ontario Securities Commission, and continuing as a senior partner and then CEO with RPA, Deborah McCombe is best known for being a champion of Canadian and international mining disclosure standards. She was instrumental in the development and implementation of NI 43-101 Canadian Disclosure Standards for Mineral Projects and served as Chairman of CRIRSCO, the international body that sets disclosure standards worldwide. “Deborah’s work has put Canada on the map as a world leader in mineral resource and reserve reporting and this award reflects that. These disclosure standards have been vital to the attraction of investment in mining for new and existing projects and for protection of individual and institutional investors,” said Jason Cox, Global Technical Director – Canada Mining Advisory.

As part of SLR Mining Advisory, Bill and Deborah continue to provide outstanding services to clients and, importantly, guidance and mentoring to a new generation of consultants, thereby helping to promote and maintain SLR’s reputation in this area.

Congratulations to Bill and Deborah!

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