SLR contributes to methane mitigation and management conversation at 2024 Methane Mitigation – Europe Conference

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04 March 2024
Ian Todreas
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  • Air quality

Methane is one of the most powerful heat-trapping gases — 28 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, so it is imperative to reduce or eliminate methane emissions wherever we can in our efforts to address climate change. SLR's air quality team has international leaders in methane emissions measurement, characterization, and strategic mitigations. In February, Matt Harrison, Senior Principal, traveled to the UK to team up with Roshan Khan, SLR’s Energy Transition Lead for Energy Advisory in the UK, to attend the 2024 Methane Mitigation – Europe Conference in Amsterdam.

Thanks to Matt Harrison and his team, SLR's global leadership in the field of methane mitigation and management is established and growing. Multiple industry speakers at the conference referred to SLR’s work in this area, particularly our contribution to the Methane Guiding Principles Coalition's recently updated Best Practices guidance, which helps more than 45 international organizations reduce methane emissions from the natural gas supply chain.

If you are interested in working with our team of experts who are leading conversations around energy transition and reducing the global fossil-fuel emissions, contact us.

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