Report: Getting your business ready to drive a Just Transition

Post Date
25 July 2023
Read Time
1 minute
  • Carbon & energy management
  • ESG advisory

The urgency of transitioning towards low-carbon systems to address the climate crisis is now well established. But the impact of this transition on workers and communities around the world is still being explored. Designing and implementing a just and equitable transition is rapidly becoming the focus of research and analysis in the worlds of science and public policy.

However, there is also an essential role for businesses and the private sector to play. At SLR, we are helping companies understand what a Just Transition means for their organisations. In this report, we outline the most recent thinking on that role and suggest how businesses can take action.

This 16 page report covers:

  • The evolution and definition of Just Transition
  • Links to climate justice and human rights
  • The business case for Just Transition
  • Frameworks and approaches for businesses to consider
  • Funding opportunities for a Just Transition
  • Sector spotlights on Energy, Financial & Agriculture
  • Advice on how your business can take action

You can download the full report in the 'downloads' section to the right.

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